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ScatSlammers - Restrained Enema Slut Kelly (FullHD 10800p/1.39 GB)

Restrained by handcuffs slut Kelz takes an enema. While the liquid is slowly cleansing her colon she sucks on a hard cock. When its time to release the shitty mixture she first gets fucked in the pussy followed by her dirty arse. The guy cums in her arse and Kelz squirts out the filthy mix of sperm and shit.


Purge - Squirmfest (DVDRip/697 MB)


Ingrid - Uncut Scat Group 1 (SD/699 MB)

Two mens are shitting and pissing on Ingrid, who plays with the excellent warm goods!


Shiho Aoi - OPUD-229 Ultra-High Class Scat Soapland (HDRip/3.82 GB)

Ultra-high-end scatological soap that you can experience golden play with the finest beautiful woman!
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Shiho Aoi - Married Insurance Saleslady - Humiliating Scat Torture (DVDRip/3.08 GB)

The trap which fell from the mistake of trivial work was a nightmare to change life. A man with a pervert hobby forced her to use her medicine for excretion. A married woman who wishes to disappear into a stenchable offensive smell is a spectacular scatology play that further drives it. A married woman who has been driven to thorough paint feces finally falls, falls to beasts covered with acme overflowing with a bad smell.
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Curvykitten92 - PISSY pant-stuffing, SHITTY anal fuck, HUGE gape (FullHD 1080p/1.86 GB)

I have become the naughtiest piss slut ever! In this video: Sexy talk, huge puddles of piss, panty stuffing, anal beads, hardcore anal, HUGE GAPES, shitty anal, big cumshot

First I give you an amazing , sexy sleazy talk and tell you how much I want to piss my panties just for you. I bend over and you show you my sexy arse before I unleash a big puddle of piss, filling my knickers and soaking my hairy cunt.

I turn around and spray piss all over my bed, and sit in a huge puddle of my piss. It was so warm and yummy. I pull my panties aside and show you my hairy cunt and big throbbing clit. I bend over and pull my panties down, resting them on my little feet.

On my knees, I rub my pussy and shoot more jets of hot piss out. My arse is lubed up and anal beads pushed in. I piss more and more after cumming twice.
He stretches my arse with his big dick whilst he fucks me deep and hard. You can see my hole stretching around his cock whilst I cum.

He pulls out and his dick is nice and shitty. He continues to fuck my hole and then I show you my biggest gape ever! It is HUGE!

I lay down in my puddle of piss and he fucks my hole again whilst I shoot fountains of piss all over. He pulls out revealing a nice shitty hole. I am so close to prolapse and I can feel my butthole working its way out. Hehe!
He fingers my hole whilst I piss and we finish with him shooting cum all over my titties


Curvykitten92 - PERFECT shit filled anal fuck (FullHD 1080p/1.86 GB)

For all you anal shit fuck lovers out there, this video is AMAZING!
I have for you, 17 minutes including; big squirting piss, enema, dildo anal fuck, shitting, smearing, hardcore anal fuck with multiple shit explosions, big cumshot across my tits and face.

You do not want to miss this one! I think it is most scat lovers fantasies. Having an anal slut who loves having the shit fucked out of her.

I start by unleashing a huge puddle of piss all over my bathroom floor before I get on my knees and taste my nectar. Next, I have my hole fingered where I tease the camera with a big turtle head and then have my arse filled with water. I squat and fire water and a nice thick log out of my arse.

I fire another huge load of shitty water across my bathroom before my hole is then stuffed with my favorite big black dildo. I cum several times and my arse gapes whilst more hot shit runs out. My arse is then smeared with beautiful brown poop before I stand up ready to be fucked.

He stuffs his big dick in my arse and fucks me hard. I cum again and a huge load of shit and brown water flys out of my hole.

I briefly wank his dick before he fucks my hole again, making sure to let more shit push out of my hole over his cock. Im fucked again before I bend over to show you my beauitful shitty messy arsehole! It is gaping wide with a sexy purple ring whilst shit runs down my pussy.

I pick up my poop and rub it across my tits and to finish, I rub my clit and piss some more whilst he jacks his dick. Then I get on my knees and open my mouth ready for his cum. His thick loads shoots out across my mouth and tits.


Ingrid, Mystery Lady - Scato slut wife (DVDRip/861 MB)

If you are familiar with the scat scene you will know famous Ingrid - one of the most extreme, dirtiest scat stars right out of a depraved dream. In this film she pushes things to new extremes: two guys, one girl train their human toilet well. 80 minutes piss and scat as hard as it can get.


Abbraxa - Scat Girl Fuck (FullHD 1080p/919 MB)

Classic dress, classic look. That does not mean classic women, because ,I loves shit sex! This clip starts with a huge shit bundle coming out of my anus. I then grabs my shit pile and smears my whole body with it. I then calls the cam man in to fuck me. I gets fuck from behind like a bitch and you can watch my udders wiggle as he shoves in. Then he fuck my skull hard and finally empty is balls over her face and shitty body. See for yourself, I really looks good covered in scat, spit and cum!


Skye Blue - Skye Blue Especially For You (DVDRip/1.08 GB)


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