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Kenzie Reeves, Cory Chase - Kenzie Reeves in Super Spy, Cory's Super Heroine Adventures (FullHD 1080p/831 MB)

Kenzie the cute unassuming girl that no one would suspect is actually a secret spy. Leaving the party upstairs, to explore Cory's super villain basement, Kenzie is going to bust Cory's villainy once and for all! But before she can call for backup Cory's traps spring alive putting a cold metal collar around Kenzie's neck and a chastity device around her pussy.

Kenzie gasps with shock as her tiny body is exposed and tied up. With a smile on her face Cory walks in on her new toy. You're going to pay for this! Kenzie yells hoping her backup finds her. Cory starts whipping the spy's tender body, breaking her with pain. She puts a ballgag in Kenzie's screaming mouth and keeps whipping her flesh.

Taking out her slave's ballgag, Cory kisses her. Kenzie looks away, her mouth contorted in humiliation and disgust. If you want to get out of here, then kiss me Cory suggests to her. Kenzie has no choice but to give Cory what she wants. Her backup will never find her. Naked, locked in chastity Kenzie has to kiss her until she thinks of a way to escape. Cory unties her now that she's more cooperative.

Kenzie gets to her knees and gives Cory what she wants. Licking and fingering her mistress until Cory cums in delightful orgasm. But it's not over for the little spy. Cory touches her young body and teases her until Kenzie can't take it anymore. I'm not through with you Cory says, leaving her slave to struggle with her chastity. You can't leave me here like this! She yells struggling to be free.


[MILF / Mental Domination] - Anna Bell Peaks - Attorney Lays Down the Law (2016 / PrimalFetish / SD 480p)

Anna Bell is trying to sue a company for sexual harassment and REFUSES to take the good settlement her lawyer worked his as off for. Even though she wore skimpy clothes to work, hit on the boss and was caught fucking in the the copy room her lawyer still fought for her. Now she wants more money. Instead her Attorney lays down the law


[BJ / Femdom] - Jenna Ivory - I Hate You!!! (2016 / Clips4sale / HD 720p)

This gold-digging bitch actually thought she could get away with cheating on my friend. She may be hot, but she's damn stupid. He's not gonna be blowing his cash on her anymore when he sees the pics I have on my phone showing her whoring it up around town. I'm a nice guy, though. I'll give her a fair shot. I'll forget about all those pictures I have of her fucking around... if this dumb slut is good enough at sucking my dick.