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GoddessRyan - Bikini Pool Girl Locked out of Bathroom- Pees & Shits (FullHD 1080p/537 MB)

What A great day for a Pool Party! I have a bunch of Friends over and I have to use the bathroom after all this Party food and Drinks. Dancing in my Bikini eating chips, I knock on the Bathroom Door over and Over.
I gotta go! I yell over and Over drinking and spilling my vodka all over my tits.
After holding it and repeatedly banging on the door, I pull down my bikini bottoms and PISS into a plastic cup, hoping No one CATCHES ME.
I bang on the Door Again And beat on the Bathroom again!
I really have to go!! I pull down my Swim Bottoms, Peaking around the corner to see if Anyone is coming and Poop a HUGE LOAD on my Chip plate.
One leg On the wall and one on the ground I Shit So clear in your face.
MORE MORE keeps coming
After I poop, I check the door again, It was just stuck this whole time!
I get rid of the evidence, wash my hands and head out to party!
Light music playing in background


GoddessRyan - Bikini Piss Finger Toilet Cum (FullHD 1080p/684 MB)

I show off my little Bikini , Sit on the toilet and Take a nice long Piss Streaming in your face , As I have been holding it All day.
Then I go to town Finger banging my tight little sweet pussy.
It is so wet, and I even squirt a little bit!

I Cum So HARD sitting on the Toilet and you watching. Close up of my red pussy after I just cam so hard!


GoddessRyan - Sorority Sister Period Tasks Cum (FullHD 1080p/1.60 GB)

Bratty Sorority Sister of Kappa Delta Pi is all in her Sister School attire. You think you have what it takes to make this University Sorority? No ONE ever passes lol. Lets see if you can.
I run down the list of things you have to do to change to be a part of this wonderful group. Treating you like shit.
Have some bad news for you! I am on my period. What does that have to do with your tasks ? Well your going to have to clean and lick up mine & the rest of the sisters bloody period pussys! I take off my period panties and show how bloody and nasty it is.
Dont you look at me! Look at my pussy , Suck my period pussy and make me cum. HA!
Too much, too late!


GoddessRyan - Stinky Heel & Panty Farts (FullHD 1080p/742 MB)

All dressed up and looking flawless In my Victoria secret Set & High Heels.. This Goddess has to fart. My belly has been rumbling and I need to release some serious gas!
What else could you ever ask for in this world but to be beneath my stinky brown eye blowing farts in your face.
Lactose whiffs with opening asshole all for you in your face.
Waving them in your face, dirty talking about my filthy farts,& ass shaking,
Do you want more?
Now they are coming out wet! Come smell my stinky farts for life!
Lots of awesome loud farts just for you!


GoddessRyan - Cruise Balcony Frontal Massive Public Shit (FullHD 1080p/344 MB)

Sailing across the Caribbean Sea on Royal Caribbean.
On the way to another island, I make it back to the room just in time to film on the Balcony!
I do a frontal poo on the Balcony Chair and omg, the farts are crazy stinky, and the poo is MASSIVE!!!
What the hell are they feeding us here? Well everything!!!
My face is to die for while pooping, I show you the shit load up close, its firm and gorgeous!
Spread my ass cheeks for the aftermath, and do a reverse poop also!
Lunch is served with lemonade!
I could get caught at any time!!


GoddessRyan - Desperation Pen Massive Ground Hogging Shit (FullHD 1080p/881 MB)

Dressed in Sexy Lingerie I have been holding my shit now for a while, I suck and lick a black ball point pen. Where is this going? Thats right in that ass!
There is so much hard shit when I insert the pen deep into my anus.
I Show it off doggie style, twerking and playing with the pen over and over. The desperation is unreal, every motion I pull the pen out its stimulated more and more. As time passes I play more and more with the pen making it really dirty.

On my back with legs up I ground hog this shit and pen for as long as I can squirming everywhere.
I keep sucking the pen and shit load back in until i cant hold it anymore.
My face is priceless, as I Shit out slowly the pen and load as it swirls into a BIG pile! More and more comes until I am EMPTY!

I baby wipe this ass and stick the pen back in to show how dirty it gets, ass spread and show off the Big load!


GoddessRyan - Pissy White Thong Cum & Shit Huge Chunks Stuff (FullHD 1080p/1002 MB)

I took my white thing and soaked it in my urine over night. HOLY MOLY!!!
The Smell is so over powering, literally. I wear these and Do a doggie Shit while pulling them slightly to the side, Shitting out MASSIVE hard thick shits 2 to be exact.
The Hard Nuggets are impressive, there is so many!
I slide my white panties up and cum hard in this panties and ass wipe my poop all over them.
But wait, I am no done.
I take the nuggets of hard shit and fill the panties with them, stuffing them in the crotch and all down the ass crack. Happy jerking.


GoddessRyan - Buns VS Panty Shit Finger,Toy &Cream (FullHD 1080p/1021 MB)

All sexy in Jean shorts and A crop top, its major desperation!
Ive been , Holding this shit for 2 hours! I strip and tease you by sucking on my glass toy and take down everything BUT my Orange Victoria Secret Boy shorts!
I Spread my BIG ass with my two hands and do some ASS winking in your face.
Spreading my Legs in the panties, I rub the pussy and tell you how naughty I am going to be. WOW, my Pussy is GETTING SO WET! I am so ready to finger my pussy. I can feel the SHIT in my rectum just finger banging my cunt!
I then use the toy and masturbate right in your face Pussy to mouth.
I am creaming so good, I talk about dropping a big load in these panties. Turns me on as you can see me dripping Cream!
Doggie Reverse I Shit the Panties right in your face, Watch as the get fuller and fuller and here the shit drop as the Bulge! I rub my Pussy while filling these up and squirt in them.
I take them off and show you the HARD nuggets In this hard pile molded together. So many for you to suck on! I smell this load well pushing it in your face ,.
I finger my pussy with my dirty poopy finger while spreading doggie in your face with a poo covered ass, Cum for ME! Smear this shit on your cock!


GoddessRyan - Hard Nude Twerk Panty Shit Instructions to Taste (FullHD 1080p/745 MB)

Are we going to Poop panties today? Wow Coffee is really making me have to go!
You cant wait until I take them Off and Make a big dump in them, Right?
I tease you with this nice juicy ass with panties on and then take them off to twerk in your face showing you my winking brown eye.
I spread that ass & Doggie Shit with a perfect view of my hole dropping hard nuggets and then adding a BIG Hard load!
I talk directly to you, telling you what to do when you get these loaded panties. Stick your finger in my load, smear on your lips while putting your hand down your pants while licking your lips jerking so hard! Keep listening:) I vac seal how I ship them and hope you enjoy!


GoddessRyan - Jimmy Johns Heels Shit Hoagie (FullHD 1080p/651 MB)

Divine Goddess Wants you to choke down something New for me.
I had to go special to get this! A nice hoagie bread from Jimmy Johns. I strip off these sexy Victoria Secrets panties and Shit Doggie in these wonderful heels.
Here is comes! Watch as my asshole opens up and the hard & soft come pouring out Filling this hoagie all the way up!
I tease you close up with the FULL shit Hoagie, Telling you to chew and chomp at the front and really smell this while thinking of me. I know you can eat the whole thing for me, I know you can do it. Youll finally be one with me if you finish this big shit Sandwich.
I wrap in the special paper and send it on its way!
*** I like to be Original, Have never seen this video ever! So Scoop it up!


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