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ModelNatalya94 - Lets caress each others ass Olga (FullHD 1080p/1.16 GB)

My friend Olga decided to play a little, we first took the rubber cock and took turns pleasuring him with their mouths and hands to themselves a little bit exciting, then I suggested to Olga to fondle each other anus, and filling each other mouth with shit, Olga agreed. Olga got up and I took off her white panties and then Olga got cancer on her knees and I began to caress her anus tongue, I feel like Olga is excited and I want to give my girlfriend pleasure, I continue to lick her ass, and then Olga starts to shit in my mouth, I do not ostanvlivayus and caress her dirty ass from shit Oh yeah its just super, Olga filled my mouth with shit, and I put on her dirty ass white panties now Im getting cancer on my knees and Olga caresses my ass with her tongue. About how I like when I caress the ass I love when I fuck in the ass its just gorgeous, after long caresses, my girlfriend opened her mouth and I fill the mouth of his girlfriend by shit, Olga did not stop and continued to fondle my dirty shit ass. At the end of the video my girlfriend Olga and I are kissing, we are all in shit our white panties are also in shit and it was just great, we are two dirty lesbians who like to yell at each other playing with shit and doing the most extreme videos for you our favorite and dear fans. With love to you your Yana, Olga, Alice, and Carolina


Smelly Milana - Very tasty dessert from Christina (FullHD 1080p/801 MB)


Princess Nikki - My shit for breakfast with Princess Nikki's Empire (FullHD 1080p/761 MB)

My stupid wake me up from my beauty sleep, expecting me to make him some breakfast. What the hell! He cant be that stupid! So I make it pretty clear that his breakfast most likely will consist of bread, or what is processed trough my body! I tell him to lay down, and I will for sure feed him with my shit! That is all he get! First I put a big dump in his mouth, but there is more.. I give him a double dose for breakfast! I give him some pee in between the turds, so that he can drink something as well. When I am done I ask if he was happy about his breakfast.. He was smart enough to say yes! While he was consuming his breakfast I went to have my morning shower. Double cam filmed. The shitting is included from both cam angles.


Smelly Milana - 100% use. Shit and vaginal discharge (FullHD 1080p/732 MB)




CUSTOM REQUEST - Your male slave is in a cage. His wrists (behind his back), ankles and legs (above the knee) are tied together with duct tape. You enter the room and you defecate and urinate into a bowl. Next you open the cage and put a leash to the collar of the slave and make him crawl like a worm to the bowl and the floor. When hes there he must greet you by licking your boots. Then you order him to start eating your caviar out of the bowl like a dog with his mouth. You sit down on a chair and watch him eating while you verbally humiliate him. Usually you push his head in the bowl with your boots but now and then you step into the caviar and tell the slave to lick the caviar off your boots. Please be very strict with the feeding and emphasize on swallowing. At the end, you take the used toilet paper and stuff it into his mouth. Before you leave the room you spit on him a couple of times. Outfit: Please wear skin tight black leather trousers, a (if possible) red fetish top and white classic high-heel boots (no extreme platforms please) Slave: As naked as possible. Length: Approx. 15 min Camera settings: Please shoot the clip in full screen modus, so that you and the slave a fully visible, close-ups are less important. Language: English or Italian, whatever you prefer! Miscellaneous: Please put the trouser back up after the defecation.

ITALIAN Il suo schiavo e rinchiuso nella gabbia. I suoi polsi (dietro la schiena), le caviglie e le gambe (sopra il ginocchio) sono legate con del nastro adesivo. Lei entra nella stanza e piscia e defeca in una ciotola. Poi apre la gabbia, attacca un guinzaglio al collare dello schiavo e lo fa strisciare come un verme sul pavimento fino alla ciotola. Quando ci arriva, la deve omaggiare leccandole gli stivali. Poi gli ordina di cominciare a mangiare il suo caviar dalla ciotola con la bocca, come un cane. Lei si siede su una sedia e lo guarda mangiare, umiliandolo verbalmente. Gli spinge spesso la testa nella ciotola con lo stivale e, di tanto in tanto, mette il piede nella ciotola e dice allo schiavo di leccar via il caviar con la lingua. Per favore, sia molto decisa nel farglielo mangiare e sottolinei che lo deve ingoiare. Mentre lo fa, gli sputa addosso e lo umilia verbalmente. Al termine, prende la carta igienica usata e gliela ficca in bocca. Prima di uscire dalla stanza gli sputa addosso un paio di volte. Abbigliamento: Lei: pantaloni in pelle nera attillati e, (se possibile), top fetish rosso, stivali classici bianchi coi tacchi alti (no suole a zeppa estreme). Schiavo: il piu nudo possibile Setting della telecamera: Per favore, filmi il video in modo full screen in modo che lei e lo schiavo siate completamente visibili. I primi piani sono meno importanti Lingua: Inglese o italiano, come preferisce. Altro:Per favore, tiri su i pantaloni dopo aver defecato. Lunghezza: Circa 15 minuti


Love Rachelle 2 - Chew and Swallow My Shit, Slave (4K HD/1.83 GB)

Youve come to me because no other Mistress could really push you as far as you cravedto becoming a human toilet. And they were foolish to let a worshipper like you go to wastebelieve me, unlike them, Ill give you what you truly wantwhat you truly NEED: to worship every part of your Mistress, including her shit. And to lick, taste, chew, suck and swallow EVERY bite of her shit just the way she likes it! I will cram your mouth full of my shit little toilet, and walk you through how I want you to savor my chocolate to the very last bite.


LoveRachelle2 - Private Scat Tutor (4K UltraHD/1.39 GB)

Youre a in home tutor and you confront the student about something you found. He left his notebook at your house and you find some very dirty fantasies hes written in the back of the notebook. You read out what hes written. Hes fantasized about your sexy ass. Hes thought about how your ass tastes and smells. This student is really freaky and he even wonders how your shit tastes too and if a beautiful girl like you shits out big turds. After reading this you tell the student this is abnormal to think about these things and it is disgusting. You state youre a professional tutor and you dont appreciate students fantasizing about your ass. You notice that the student has a boner and you seem shocked that he got a boner while you were reading his fantasies out loud. You state this is disgraceful and the student deserves to be punished. You tell the student that reality may not be as great and tell the student to get down on his knees.

You start undressing and tell the student that he will get a full dose of your ass. You pull down your panties and turn around. You squeeze your ass and ask if you like this fat sexy ass. You spread your cheeks and tell the student to stick his face in there and sniff your butthole. Tell him to breathe it in. Start winking your butthole and tell him hes lucky because youve been holding in a big turd all day. Ask him if he wants to taste your big turd. Take a dump on a plate. Pick up the turd with your hands and hold it close to the camera. Tell the student to smell of your shit and get close so you can feel the heat coming off of it. You tell him hes going to taste it too, but youre cruel. Open up your mouth and Ill shove this turd down your throat. Hmm, nevermind. Youll love that too much, so Im not going to do that. Just fantasize about eating my shit instead! End the video by standing up and smash the turd against one of your cheeks. students to cum on your shit covered ass.


scat-movie-world - Miss Jane trains her dog (FullHD 1080p/866 MB)

Miss Jane trains her dog

Miss Jane lets the whip talk while she is training her mutt. As a treat she sucks and pisses him into the mouth, the loser has to swallow everything.

Miss Jane trainiert ihren Hund

Miss Jane lasst die Peitsche sprechen wahrend sie ihren Koter trainiert. Als Leckerli scheisst und pisst sie ihm ins Maul, der Loser muss alles schlucken.


Scat-movie-world - A high heel in the cock (FullHD 1080p/1.12 GB)

A high heel in the cock

You have to show a slave now and then, that nothing belongs to him, the opening in his skull I use as a toilet and the tail, that hangs on it, I split with my high heel. So I remind him that I do not just own his life.

Die High Heels im Schwanz

Einen Sklaven muss man hin und wieder zeigen das ihm nichts gehort, die Offnung in seinen Schadel benutze ich als Toilette und den Schwanz der an ihm runter hangt spie?e ich mit meinen High Heel auf. So rufe ich ihm in Erinnerung das mir nicht nur sein Leben gehort.


GoddessLolita - DAMN THIS SLUT FETISH EXTREME (HD 720p/664 MB)

Un bellissimo video per gli amanti del genere estremo, forte, dello scat, del feticismo blasfemo porco e SPORCO, suor Sara bestemmia, pratica satanismo preghiera contraria, da fuoco ad immagini sacre, ci piscia sopra e fa scat si masturba fino a godere con un bel cazzo su per la figa, poi ti vuole benedire con la sua pipi ti piscia in bocca, tanto dal momento in cui comprerai questo video sarai anche tu uno stramaledetto cane blasfemo ti trascino all inferno con me. una sporca troia peccatrice e lo vuoi sapere cosa piace fare a questa cagna quando e posseduta? vieni a scoprirlo fetish extreme, scat, blasfemia, profanazione e molto altro ancora

DAMN THIS SLUT FETISH EXTREME fetish video This is a BLASPHEMOUS that blasphemous, within with a little black dress in the bathroom, I sit on the floor with a beautiful crucifix in your hands, you want to see the m bitch whats above? I spread my legs and dropping a river of pee on the crucifix I consecrate myself with my pussy, I put in the little hole, the needle, to be cursed this troia1! next time youre a look what Im doing, Im doing scar above fill the crucifix and my whole body of scat I shove it up your ass and masturbate properly blasphemy expletive nasty and dirty just for fans of the genre profane extreme This Blondie takes you to hell with her, are you ready?

EXTREME SCAT PROFANITY a great video for lovers of extreme kind, strong, scat, fetish blasphemous pig and dirty, sister Sara blasphemy, practice Satanism prayer to the contrary, from fire to sacred images, we pee on and ago scat masturbating to enjoy with a nice Dick up her pussy, then you want to bless with his pee pee do you pee in my mouth, so from the moment you buy this video will you one damn dog blasphemous drag you to hell with me a dirty whore sinner and looking like this dog when it is possessed? come to find out extreme, scat fetish, blasphemy, desecration and much more


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