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ScatLina - Shitty homework (FullHD 1080p/1.09 GB)

The schoolgirl decided to do homework. But she was very hungry. There was no food at home, and she decided to eat her own shit. Schoolgirl shit on a plate. But she did not have a spoon for food. So she decided to use a toilet brush. The schoolgirl greedily and with pleasure ate all the shit. The taste and smell of shit made her horny, and she began to fuck herself with a toilet brush in her mouth. Then she took a dildo and fucked herself with a toilet brush and dildo until vomiting started from her mouth. All this beautiful story ended with the orgasm of a happy schoolgirl.


Anna Coprofield - Inside Dirty Schoolgirls Filled Pussy Part 2 (FullHD 1080p/1.87 GB)

The best video quality is divided into 3 parts. Total video duration 1h11min. This video was created by user request

I am dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and red stockings, show speculum and say This dirty girl needs her insides to be dirty. I take off everything except stocking and sit down on the floor.
I insert the speculum into my pussy, but I cant relax because my shit is trying to get out so I take out the speculum and shit a big pile. Then I wipe my asshole so no shit shows on me, show you my shit and then stuff it inside my pussy with the speculum in it, show all the shit inside me, wipe away any shit that is not in my speculum filled pussy and show insides. I pull the speculum out, collecting shit from speculum, wipe around my pussy with paper and wet towels so its only dirty inside. I insert the speculum again, show the cervix with shit and I repeat it all several times again.
I show shit deep inside my speculum filled pussy again and clean the shit from around the pussy so only shit is inside me, do a close up of the speculum and shit filled pussy. I rub my clit and masturbate till I cum, pull the speculum out and show you my spoiled pussy.


NoraNature - Clean myself (FullHD 1080p/170 MB)

I would like to show you how I shower after I had a long play session with my poo. Whish you could smell it. The scent fills my flat completely and the brown fluid runs over my body in my tub so my feet getting an extra footbath.


SmellyVany - Scat body (FullHD 1080p/1.35 GB)

I love being scat! My Master covered my whole body whit the shit. I loved it! My master collected shit for many days.! Maybe 1-2 kg.. hmm how disgusting this is. Then I have dressed up and he was fucking my ass! Then he spanked my cunt! And i played whit my scat pussy.


MissAnja - Happy New Year Poo In White Converse (FullHD 1080p/1.21 GB)

I wear my converse sneakers only on and ask you do you wanna cum with me in the New Year as well? Did you miss me? Cause I missed you. So lets play in 2020 as well with my dirty ass. I knee on doggy and fart a lil one to your nose. I show off then my converse sneakers on coming some foot teaser. I tell you I bet you missed my long legs, my feet and even more my dirty hole. I grab my fave pink glass plug and start playing around in doggy. Im so horny like before nothing changed. I fart for you. Inserting the plug and tell you stroke your dick. For sure you couldnt wait to stroke your dick to me again. After doggy lets get on my back with lifting legs to get nice sight to sneakers and shitty plug. I didnt release poo yet just made dirty with it. Once I ask you is it time to poo? I shit out the plug as well. Its looks warm and disgusting poo in the New Year. Tell me what you wanna do with my ass? I talk dirty to you while fucking myself with the plug sneakers view on. After awhile I knee on doggy and close to you still playing with my super dirty hole and farting under your nose. Wet stinky fart. I also show you my fart face as well. Happy Dirty New Year.

*Notice. While I made the video some of my neighbors moved out so can hear some of background noise cause of bikes but only for little time. Door was open while I made such a big mess


evamarie88 - Smegma Shit Worship From Whore (FullHD 1080p/852 MB)

Watch me tell son i know he looks at me, and loves watching me in the bathroom and going in after and smelling what i just did
I want to give him a good meal but this isnt homecooked this is cooked via mommy..

I want you to watch while mommy bends over infront of you in that shiny bikini you love so much.
I squeeze and strain out a large thick log Its so thick it takes a lot of pushes and the bulge in mommys panties gets bigger and bigger.

Now watch me slide them down and show you it.. I want you eating it son Eating every last mouthful of mummys shit


PrincessNikki - Breakfast for a shit eater (FullHD 1080p/391 MB)

I am standing on the kitchen table, and my slave is hungry! No worries! He will be fed! I take a plate under my ass, and shit some logs on the plate. My slave try to eat it from the plate, but I can see he is struggling, so I get a spoon and feed him like a little baby!


mikadoshop - Nikkis scat lessons-a big susage (FullHD 1080p/1.00 GB)

today nikkis new scat slave have to learn how to eat a really big susage of shit.


Dirtygardengirl - Quick Soft Poop (FullHD 1080p/627 MB)

DGG sits back with her legs up in the air, she briefly rubs her clit. She then beings to push out a soft dump, her prolapse comes out but it's covered in shit so it really just looks like a big clump of shit. While pushing she pisses a little, once done she bends over and shows off her shitty asshole.


Shit - My Morning Shit For Your Breakfast (FullHD 1080p/6.73 GB)

My Morning Shit For Your Breakfast

Get in here slave. Im ready to take my morning shit so you better be ready for breakfast. Drink down my hot piss before I fill your mouth with my shit. My shit is super green today and I dont care whether you like it or not youre going to eat every last bit. I dont care how it comes out or if it drips out of my ass you take it. Youre fucking disgusting. Tongue my asshole and eat your greens bitch.

Eat My BIG Load & Earn My Asshole

You wanna fuck my ass?? Ill make you a deal. Eat everything that comes out first and then Ill let you put your hard dick in it. Youre going to be my disgusting pig today. Get your face in my ass! Get it in there! Lick that fucking turd. Suck it like a fucking popsicle. Take my whole log into your fucking mouth. Youre fucking disgusting. Nobody does this shitletting me shit into your mouth. Look at you. Youre going to eat every bite arent you!? How do you feel? Taking my whole look fucking worthless and you have my shit stuck in your teeth. That was such a big load. Good job, BUT did you really think I was going to let you fuck my asshole? Shit eating pigs like you dont get to use my ass or my pussy. Ill find someone worth fucking my ass. If I need to take another dump Ill come find you though.

Do What the Fuck I Tell You To!

Lay down and take my shit. Im going to drop a hot load right on your dick and body. Ill be using your stomach and chest to wipe my ass off on. Youre fucking disgusting. Lick my asshole clean. Taste that shit. I cant believe youd actually fucking do it. Get filthy. Fuck my ass and fill it with cum just so you can clean it out for me. Youre going to be chasing all my shit with anything I give you including my milky tits.

Eat My Shit & Make Me Cum

Do your job slave. Make my holes feel good and swallow my shit.

Green Poop Snaking Out of My Ass

Ive held this in for as long as I possibly can. Now it snaking out of my ass for you to see. Hope you love it as much as I do. I try to keep it going for as long as I can. I pee for you and ask you to fuck my dirty ass. I want you to taste my shit. Taste me, smell me, and smear my mess all over your hard dick. I love the load Ive made today.

Choke It Down Daddy

You dont mind if I call you Daddy right? It doesnt matter. Im in the one in control & today youre going to be my shit eating daddy. So get your face in your little girls ass and eat up. Youve been craving a solid load and here it is. The only thing youll be doing today is choking down my shit. Chew it up, gag on it, and fucking swallow. Youre so good at eating my shit daddy. You know its my favorite part about my meal now. All I do is think about how Ill be shoving it down your throat later.

Be My Shit Covered Pervert

Chew it, swallow it, shove it up your ass. I want you to be my shit and piss covered pervert with me today. Cover your hard cock in my shit and jerk it for me. Cum to my filthy mess.

Little Bubble Butt: Groping & Shitting

Watch me show off my little bubble to you. I grope it and try to shake it a little for you. I love spreading my cheeks for you & want you to perv on my ass and holes. I want you to take a good look while I shit on a plate. Having you watch me like this has my pussy creamy and I have to start fingering myself. Id love it if you stuck your tongue in my ass. I spread my shit around my asshole when Im done & I ask you to please clean it up for me. Just watch me. Im a horny mess and need to play with my pussy and milk my tits. I just want to be touched and perved on.


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