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Princess Mia, toilet slave - Princess Mia has accidentally met her ex-boyfriend on the street (FullHD 1080p/1.06 GB)

And she has suddenly had a plan how to humiliate and kill his self-esteem. She approached him and invited for a cup of coffee. The guy agreed and did not even know what was coming. But as soon as they came to the girls house, she immediately grabbed his neck and put it into submission. You'll pay for everything, stinky chump!, - she yelled at him and struck several times. She laid him on the floor, tied his hands tightly and began to undress. Then she poured her shit over him and clysterized right on this loser! The girl laughed at him and this game gave her great pleasure. She smeared all her shit on his clothes and at the end, just pushed him out of the house as such.


KV-GIRL - Full pump until the brown one comes (FullHD 1080p/951 MB)

Full pump until the brown one comes
I have a meeting with Rosella Extrem and Contessa what the time with me before I did not know but I'm open for any shit so the two pumped me a lot of cream in the ass until nothing more was a slave was also with The chocolate bar then had to eat completely
Vollpumpen bis das Braune kommt
Ich habe ein Treffen mit Rosella Extrem und Contessa was die zu den Zeitpunkt mit mir vor hatten wusste ich nicht aber ich bin ja fur jeden Schei? offen also pumpten die beiden mir richtig viel Sahne in den Arsch bis nichts mehr ging ein Sklave war auch noch mit dabei der mein Schokoriegel dann komplett aufessen musste


KV-GIRL - Gets shit (FullHD 1080p/958 MB)

KV-GIRL gets shit
I am shown by my mistress and by Rosella and Contessa shit and must rub it on my body
KV-TEEN vollgeschissen von RosellaExtrem und ContessaCalucci
Ich werde vorgefuhrt von meine Herrin und von Rosella und Contessa vollgeschissen und muss es auf mein Korper einreiben


Celestial - Slaves stable - appropriate slaves meal (FullHD 1080p/972 MB)

Slaves stable - appropriate slaves meal

My own pigs have now entered the slavery. The shabby accommodation is still far too good for the 2, which will be still wondering because I plan future slaves to lodge there and then it hears alternately sleeping. Today I find the new one in the kitchen as he cooks a noodle soup. I can not wait to see him again. So beautifully pissed his soup gets a different note and for the right taste I empty the bowel straight, directly into the cooking pot, everything mixes well and already the appropriate slaves meal is finished. The little loser graze a little while spooning but ultimately he has eaten his faecal soup bravely.

Sklavenstall - Artgerechtes Fressen

Meine Leibeigenen Pigs haben sich inzwischen im Sklavenstall eingelebt. Die schabige Unterkunft ist noch viel zu gut fur die 2 Nutzviecher, die werden sich noch wundern denn ich plane zukunftig noch weitere Sklaven dort einzuquartieren und dann heist es abwechselnd schlafen. Heute finde ich den neuen in der Kuche wie er sich eine Nudelsuppe kocht. Ich rotze ihm erst mal schon in die Suppe dann darf er sein dampfendes Mittagessen zwischen meine Beine halten, ich musste namlich gerade sehr dringend pinkeln. So schon vollgepisst bekommt seine Suppe gleich eine andere Note und fur den richtigen Pfiff entleere ich gleich noch meinen Darm, direkt rein in den Kochtopf, alles schon verruhren und schon ist das Artgerechte Sklavenfressen fertig. Der kleine Loser zierte sich ein wenig beim loffeln aber letztlich hat er seine Fakaliensuppe brav aufgegessen.


Tima - Slave Vomit (SD/172 MB)


Tima - The Dirty Angel (SD/54.0 MB)


Tima - Sweets From My Slave (SD/89.4 MB)


Chienne Mary - Scat slut caged (FullHD 1080p/2.54 GB)

Scat slut caged

Locked into a cage, I pee and poo and my Master makes a big shit in my mouth I smearing my body with his shit, I masturbate and I fist my pussy whore Covered of shit, my master pisses on me and he fist my wet pussy Completely soiled with my gaping pussy, my Master washes me with the water jet.

Salope scato en cage

Enfermee dans une cage, je fais pipi et caca et mon Maitre me fait une grosse merde dans la bouche... Je barbouille mon corps avec sa merde, je me masturbe et je fist ma chatte de pute... Couverte de merde, mon maitre me pisse dessus et il fist ma grosse chatte... Completement souillee avec ma chatte beante, mon maitre me lave au jet d'eau.


ModelNatalya94 - Liquid diarrhea painting (FullHD 1080p/1.10 GB)

We decided to draw a picture for you but not colors and shit, we bought a big white sheet and put it on the floor, Caroline undressed and sat down on a white sheet and picked up a marker and started drawing in the corner of the sheet heart. Alice and I go in the room is also completely bare, and join Carolina , Carolina drew a heart and approached us, I told Carolina that she got cancer at the knees and vystrelival liquid diarrhea on a white sheet of paper that was lying on the floor, Caroline explodes liquid diarrhea shot out of my ass and a white sheet is already the first traces of shit, Caroline explodes several times panom liquid on a white sheet of paper, Alice takes a mini enema and fills the ass of Carolina air and Carolina again explodes liquid diarrhea with farting, this is the picture we get, then came my turn as Caroline is already shot, I stand a cancer on the knees and also blow liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper traces of our shots diarrhea on paper, I have several times I shoot liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper, Oh yeah this is the picture, we like it very much, Alice fills my ass with air and I explode again with a loud sound of farting and diarrhea on the picture, Oh yeah thats what I like. It was the turn of Alice, Alice stands up to cancer on your knees and also shoots liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper that was lying on the floor, Alice also makes several shots liquid diarrhea, Oh fucking shit, thats awesome you can not imagine so cool we get the picture that we have painted with his shit, I take a mini enema and fill the ass of her friend Alice and Alice explodes with a fart and another shot of diarrhea in our picture. In this video , a lot of shots with liquid diarrhea, urine farting. And a lot of beautiful and slender girls with hot Asses who shoot liquid diarrhea


LoveRachelle2 - My First 100 Videos! 13 HOURS of POOP With Shit Part 2 (FullHD 1080p/1.69 GB)

After years of loving scat porn, I finally began making my own just 3 years ago, and since then Ive made almost 500 videos and Im nowhere near done <3 Scat kinkster for LIFE! I just can't get enough of my poop, and with this deal you get to see how my love for my kink grew more and more, from the very beginning I took my love for scat off the screen and into real-life scat play. This video bundle has 100 of my very first poop vids ever, taken with a variety of cameras, from webcam, hi-def, and GoPro, making up 13+ hours of poop action Wow, that's a LOT of shit!


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