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Brianna, Odette - Mother And Daughter Edge Husband (HD 720p/809 MB)

Its time for Briannas husbands monthly milking. This time her daughter, Odette, will participate. Brianna has attached an electrical unit to her husbands testicles. She wants to ensure that her husband derives as little pleasure possible from his daughters hand milking. Odette sits, crosses legged, on her fathers chest. She grabs his pathetic manhood in her delicate palm and keeps him aroused. As dad is edged, Brianna keeps a close watch on her husband. She shocks his balls as he nears orgasm to keep him on edge as long as possible. Brianna encourages her daughter to edge her father with fast bursts of stoking followed by abrupt stops. As dad is denied his orgasm, mother and daughter laugh together. Odette reveals to her father that she feels she hasnt received enough birthday gifts. She decides that she is going to milk him even longer, until dad agrees to get her everything she wants. Brianna also reminds her husband that she needs new clothes to impress the new boyfriend she has been seeing. He has a huge cock. Brianna has to look perfect to impress him. Odettes father has been edged so long. He begs to cum. Brianna knows that her husband can take more edging. She coaxes her daughter to edge her father one more time. Odette edges her father. He begs his daughter to allow him to cum. Odette tells her father that when he is allowed to cum, she is going to ruin his orgasm and put him right back in chastity. Every time Briannas husband moans with pleasure, she increases the voltage. No pleasure for him. The pleasure is for her. His suffering is her amusement. As promised, Odette ruins her fathers orgasm. She is disgusted with his pathetic dribble and immediately leaves to clean his filth from her hands.


Brianna, Lola - Danni Gets Pre Party Pegging From Mom And Sister (HD 720p/559 MB)

Brianna ties her son, danni, to a bench with pallet wrap. Danni is being prepared to be pegged by more than thirty women at tonights party. Normally, Briannas husband would be the ladies evening entertainment. But hes working overtime this week to meet his wifes financial needs. Danni will have to be fucked in place of his father. Dannis mother and sister are being generous, giving him a warm up ass fuck before the other women arrive. Lola holds her brothers legs while mom slides her cock inside her son. Lola fondles and inspects her brothers chastity while Brianna fucks her sons ass. This is just the beginning of dannis long night. Brianna tests to see how deep she can thrust the cock into her son. She wants to make sure that he will not be a disappointment to their guests. Lola covers dannis mouth to keep him from crying out. Brianna offers her daughter a turn at her sons ass. Lolas excited to fuck her brother. She pegs her brother while he works at cleaning his own juices from his mothers cock. Brianna makes her son beg for more from his sister. She wants to hear the say how hungry he is to take the thirty five cocks. Danni says hes hungry. Danni has been starved for three days to clear out his system prior to the pegging party. His reference to hunger is probably sheer, literal, hunger. Mother tells danni that his hunger can be sated with thirty five dicks. They remind danni that he likes big dick. Brianna makes her son beg for more pegging. Mommy gives him more. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is on the guest list and theyre coming in uniform. He is going to be the talk of the whole school, which is almost like being popularexcept painful. Who likes a pegging? Mom asks. Danni has trouble answering, because his sisters dick is in his mouth. Peg him hard, mom! Lola cries. The doorbell rings. Its the first of the guests to arrive. Brianna fucks her son and laughs as Lola leads the guests into the room.


Krissy Lynn - Mom's Fantasy (HD 720p/1.36 GB)

Part One:
Your Mom comes in your room while you're laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren't. Her body language tells you she didn't come in here just to tell you she knows you're masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.
Part Two:
As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a "raging hard on". Realizing you can't leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.


Cory Chase - Cory Chase in Mother Giving Her Son, a Helping Hand (FullHD 1080p/500 MB)

This is super embarrassing, but for some reason...I haven't been able to get hard lately. don't know if it's stress from school, sports or just life in general, but whatever it's really messing with my mojo. It's important to me that I am able to perform when needed! don't want to get a rep around school that my junk doesn't work. e last couple of times that I tried to have sex with my girlfriend, it just didn't want to work. Luckily both times we were drinking at a party, so I was able to blame it on the alcohol. t truth be told, even just trying to jerk off at's been a bit weak.

So the other day I thought I was home alone, and figured it was the perfect time to work on getting a boner...and rub one out. So I pulled up some porn on my phone, and did my best...but it just wasn't working.

Then my mom popped in! tried quickly to hide what I was doing...but even though I hid my phone and covered up my limp noodle...she could hear the fucking noises coming out of my phone. was caught!

But my mom didn't freak out. In fact she did the opposite! She could tell that I was very concerned about this issue, and knows how important being able to perform can effect a young man's confidence. So being the very loving a nurturing mother that she is, she decided to give me a helping hand...

Watch as my mom uses her experience of being a sexually mature woman, to help arouse her son into having a raging hard boner. en she uses his boner to help them both cum together. t mother doesn't want her son to ejaculate just anywhere... She wants to feel the rush of his warm load deep inside her motherly vagina.


Missbehavin26 - Taking advantage of Mom (FullHD 1080p/289 MB)

You'll walk into the bathroom while wearing yoga pants and a tee. You'll pull down your pants and panties and pee in the toilet while talking on the phone. Once you're done, you'll pull up your pants and go to the sink to wash your hands. One of your rings or something will fall in the sink and you'll put your hand in to retrieve it, but it'll get stuck. So you call your son over since he's the only one home at the time. He comes over and makes fun of you at first. You tell him to help you get unstuck. He isn't feeling very friendly, especially since you don't let him fuck you anymore. He asks what's in for him if he helps you out. He starts groping your butt through your yoga pants and sliding his hand up and down your butt crack. You ask him what he wants and he tells you that he'll help you get out, but after 15 minutes. For those 15 mins, you have to let him do what he wants. You reluctantly agree and he continues playing with your butt. He then pulls down your yoga pants and starts humping you through your panties. You are mad and disgusted with what he is doing, but he tells you that unless you let him continue, you'll be stuck there. He tells you that you have to encourage what he's doing and tells you to start talking dirty to him. For the rest of the video you'll be doing dirty talk in an unamused tone. Saying things like, "Do you like rubbing your dick around mommy's butt crack?" and "Be a good son and fuck mommy's pussy baby" Here's the order for the video: You pee then wash up After you get stuck at the sink, your son comes and starts taking advantage of you He gropes your butt through your yoga pants He pulls down your pants and continues playing with your butt, grinding on it You are disgusted but encourage him otherwise he won't help you You start talking dirty while he rubs his dick up and down your butt crack with your panties on He pulls down your panties and spreads your cheeks and tells you to rub your asshole with your free hand You start grinding on his dick and he plays with your boobs He starts fucking you from the back and slapping your ass He pulls up your panties and pulls on the waistband while cumming on your ass, so the cum lands in the panties and on your ass He pulls up your yoga pants then grabs the back of your head and makes out with you He then leaves the bathroom while you're still stuck


Missbehavin26 - Mommy mother wants to make a baby (FullHD 1080p/343 MB)

You are a single mom to one son, but you want a daughter as well. You enter your son's room wearing a sexy nighty with a lace thong on underneath . You tell your son that there is something you want to talk to him about. Sit on the bed cross legged, 'accidentally' giving your son a view of your panties. You talk to your son about how much you appreciate him helping you out after his dad left all those years ago. But you ask him if he feels a bit lonely, just mom and son; you tell him that you do. You ask if he would like a sister? You talk about how it would be extra work, but it would make you and your son feel more like a family. He agrees. Now you start to act a bit teasing. You say you have something else to ask him, but you want him to promise not to freak out. You try to hint at it first, and play with your clothes around your tits, and fidget to move your hips and draw attention between your legs. You realise he isnt getting it so you just tell your son: you want him to be the one who gets you pregnant. He is a feels a little odd about it but you notice him get hard talking about it. You tease him more, maybe flash him and say 'it seems like you have thought about mommy before, huh, 'oedipus''! At this point you pretty much start to dirty talk to your son, mentioning breeding and how it turns you on, while stripping. Suck your sons cock a little, to get it super hard, and then fuck him with lots of dirty t talk. At some point say 'This is what mommy did with daddy to make you', and ask 'so you like the idea of inbreeding your mommy?' I dont know if you like the word 'cunt' so I wont insist, but it would be hot if you use it. Again this is up to if you are willing, but I would love to see you riding reverse cowgirl, and slip a finger into your ass while dirty talking about son fucking it, saying stuff like 'maybe next time'. It would also be hot if you talk about maybe having a threesome with mom, son and daughter when she is grown up. Ill pretty much leave this up to you though, you are the queen of dirty talk


Missbehavin26 - Mom gives u a massage - cock massage (FullHD 1080p/597 MB)

Mommy, you are the best Mom i ever can imagine!!You take so good care of me!You Always know what i need and i love you for that!And maybe you didn't know but i do appreciate what you do for me!!So glad you're my Mommy!Now Mommy, take that cock in your hands and open your hot and horny Kitty and let me ride you!Omg Mommy,you are the BEST!!


Missbehavin26 - Mom and Son Roadtrip (HD 720p/576 MB)

we rented a house for the weekend! oh but theres only one bed thats ok we will snuggle and keep each other warm.


Missbehavin26 - Mom's Family Affair - Cream Pie (FullHD 1080p/760 MB)

mom, son and daughter just get home after having been at a party (family birthday or reunion or any random party, doesnt matter). mom (you) starts to ask progressively more detailed and inappropriate questions about their sex lives. Mom finds out that her son has never had sex, only blowjobs, and daughter hasnt even done that. Daughter admits she is bi. Mom finally gets them to admit they are attracted to each other, and to mom as well. She suggests that she teach daughter about sex by showing her a few things with her son. They protest that it is incst and they shouldnt but mommy reassures them it is ok, and dirty talks about how hot it is that it is wrong. Mommy sucks and fucks her son while daughter watches and masturbates, and mommy dirty talks about what an incstuous little family they have, and all sorts of taboo incst talk. Use the word 'cunt', and stuff like 'the pussy you came from' and 'Are you watching your sister finger herself? That makes mommy so hot' etc. Mommy wants to show daughter how to please a woman too. She also says she cant wait to see son and daughter try out what she is showing them. Son eventually finishes in Mommy's pussy, and the vid end with her telling daughter to come over and taste mom and son's incst straight from 'the cunt that made her


Carolina Sweets - Things Are Different Now That Were Grown (FullHD 1080p/580 MB)

I can't believe after all these years, you finally broke up with her!
What do you mean! You used to talk to so much on her, I thought you hated her!
Well I didn't "hate" her... but let's just say that I'm glad you guys are over.
What about you, weren't seeing some guy recently?
Oh please, honestly I just kept him around to fuck...
Omg sis!! You were using the poor guy! You are so bad!
Oh come on, you're bad too!
I'm no where near as bad as you are! Mom and dad were so worried about sending you off to college... They're just glad you didn't come home pregnant!
LOL shut up bro! ....isn't it weird being back in this room we shared together when we were young?
Yeah it's super weird. Now everything is different, and we're all grown up
Do you remember that weird thing we would do? We'd get completely undressed and show each other what we had...
We were such strange back then sis lol
We should do it again... see all the changes we went through. You know you were the first penis I've ever seen!
No way sis! We can't do that, that's not really something that siblings do... you're joking right?
And you're not curious to see what I look like? Look I'll go first...
But everyone is home!
Then I guess we better not get caught!... Now take your pants off!
I'm shocked that my sister remembered all those times we got naked in front of each other... it's not like we knew any better back then. But now, after a few beverages, I catch myself in a sticky situation with my slut of a sister. She bends over in front of me, teasing me with her pussy as she pulls her shorts down... We stay as quiet as possible to not get caught by our parents as I pound her wet cunt! This is not what I was expecting during my trip home from college!


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