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Mistress Evilyne - My Little Shit Whore (FullHD 1080p/727 MB)

One of my favourite toilets slaves is visiting me today. Hes called Shit Pump and he really loves two things in life: Shit and cock. I thought Id give him a little treat and for the first time ever give him both things at once. So I shit in his cupped hands and stuff that shit in his mouth before tapping over it to make sure he doesnt spit any out when I fuck him hard. I fuck him from behind with my big cock, nice and deep while he moans through his shit filled mouth. Shit pump is an exhibitionist, so I move him so hes facing the camera, that way you can all see the expression in his eyes as I fuck him hard. After Im done doing him up the ass, I take the tape off and make him eat my big turd. Do you think hell succeed?


Mistress Evilyne - Smoked Shit (FullHD 1080p/802 MB)

My toilet is broken and I am dying for a shit. This means a special promotion for my shoe cleaning slave! He has been dying to be my toilet for as long as I can remember, and he jumps on the opportunity presented before him. He is so eager to eat my shit that he lies down enthusiastically and waits with his gaping mouth to receive his treat. I stand above him and shit directly into his mouth twice. My slave is a huge fan of cigarettes so I allow him to smoke while holding my shit in his mouth. I know I spoil them so much.


Mistress Evilyne - Could you do better? (FullHD 1080p/734 MB)

So Ive got this toilet slave. Im sure youve seen him in some other clips of mine. He likes cigarettes. He really likes smoking through my shit. Now the problem is that I stopped smoking last weekend, and so when he wanted me to use him as my toilet this week, well I wasnt able to use him as my shitty ashtray anymore, and decided to use him as my real, full consuming toilet. Guess what? It really didnt go well. Turns out hes pretty useless. So I ended up screaming at him and forcing my shit down his throat. And you know what? It felt good to be really, really mean. I think Ive been too nice for too long with my toilets. Now its time to up the game and come back to my sadistic roots, because when youre too nice to a toilet, they get complacent. While I feed my slave and berate him for being so useless, I speak directly to the camera, to you. asking you if you could do better than this waste of space. So watch this clip. Tell me if you think you could do better than this loser toilet slave. Oh and I forgot to mention, more fantastic HD macro shit imagery in this clip too! You get to see every little detail, every little seed. You can almost smell it.



I have my slave on the floor at the foot of my throne. He's been waiting to enjoy some of my temptations, and I'm not going to disappoint him. However, I want him to make sure he understands his place, and to begin he must worship my feet and lick my shoes. I notice he can't keep his hands off his cock, so I allow my filthy slut to touch himself but he must not cum. It's time for me to give him his meal, and I get him to open his mouth as I relieve my shit over his face. I want him to enjoy all of it, and have decided to give him some assistance. I slip a condom tightly over my foot, then begin to smear all my shit over his face. I also give him a little footgagging, making sure my shit is at the back of his throat, and he swallows all of it. I finally leave him to play with himself and enjoy the luxury of being my shit face pleasure...

Il mio schiavo e steso sul pavimento, ai piedi del mio trono. E in attesa di poter soddisfare qualche mio capriccio e non voglio deluderlo. Tuttavia voglio che, innanzitutto, capisca bene il suo ruolo; quindi, come prima cosa, deve adorare i miei piedi e leccare le mie scarpe. Vedo che non puo fare a meno di toccarsi il cazzo per cui decido di permettere a questa lurida troia di segarsi ma senza venire. Ora e giunto il momento di servirgli il suo pasto, per cui gli ordino di aprire la bocca e mi svuoto sopra di lui riempiendogli la faccia di merda. Voglio che se la goda tutta, per cui decido di dargli un aiutino. Infilo un preservativo sul mio piede e comincio a spalmargli tutta la merda sulla faccia. Gli pratico anche un footgagging, spingendogli la merda in fondo alla gola, facendo modo che la ingoi tutta. Poi gli consento di continuare a segarsi e di assaporare la piacere di essere una faccia di merda...



The mouth of my slave is a real sewer which deserves all my shit. I have a lot of shit, today! So, I discharge on his mouth to form a kind of pyramid of shit. Feel that smells good? But today my little slave has some difficulty swallowing, so I order him to swallow by closing his mouth with the adhesive tape. A video priceless because I shot it personally, only for my depraved admirers!

La bocca del mio schiavo e' una vera fogna che merita tutta la mia merda. Ho un sacco di merda, oggi! Cosi', la scarico tutta sulla sua bocca fino a formare una specie di piramide. Sentite che buon odore? Ma oggi il mio schiavetto ha qualche difficolta' di deglutizione, cosi' lo costringo a ingoiare chiudendogli la bocca con il nastro adesivo. Un video prezioso perche l'ho girato io personalmente, solo per i miei depravati ammiratori!


Scat-Movie-World - Clean the shit boots completely (FullHD 1080p/2.10 GB)

Clean the shit boots completely

Our boots licker gets a lesson to learn. The small cattle is whipped and feels our heels, his tongue can only lick every spot of our boots, then Miss Jane shits a fat bunch directly on my boots. The loser must of course clean everything with his tongue, the shit is swallowed down and the floor also cleaned. I piss directly into his mouth, in the future he will suck any dirt from our soles, no matter what sticks to it

Leck die vollgeschissenen Stiefel sauber

So wird ein Stiefellecker abgerichtet. Das kleine Nutzvieh bekommt ordentlich die Peitsche und unsere Heels zu spuren, seine Zunge darf erst jeden Fleck von unseren Stiefeln lecken, dann scheisst Miss Jane einen fetten Haufen direkt auf meine Boots. Der Loser muss naturlich alles mit seiner Zunge reinigen, die Scheisse wird runter geschluckt und der Boden ebenfalls gereinigt. Zum nachspulen pisse ihm direkt in sein Sklavenmaul, zukunftig wird der abgerichtete Stiefellecker jeglichen Dreck von unseren Solen lutschen, egal was dran klebt


LesbianScat - Shitting in white legging (FullHD 1080p/2.12 GB)

Sabrina got home and run to the bathroom, she really need to use it but Diana is there. Sabrina counld't wait more and start shitting in her white legging, she got really furious with Diana and decided to make the girl to clean her legging. Diana licks the shit from Sabrina's legging and pantie. For Sabrina that is not enought and keep the humiliation with Diana, making to clean her asshole and eat some shit.


Mistress Roberta - Easter purple shitty balls (FullHD 1080p/1.62 GB)

Mistress Roberta - Easter with purple shitty balls
ANOTHER PERFECT EPIC MOVIE WITH GODDESS ROBERTA! Mistress Roberta become more and more bizarre! Today, on Easter, she love to have some purple balls at disposal. She tie her slave, CBT HARD to his balls and cock and play with them, teasing and destroying them. She allow her toilet to clean her asshole and order him to lick her dirty asshole before she will feed him. She shit in her hose socks and she push the full sock in his mouth. Mistress Roberta allowed her toilet to stroke his shitty cock, only on Easter, as a nice reward... being her toilet for many many months! Slave was in a hurry to cumm until Mistress countdown was finished but... cannot! Even if his cock remain hard, with shit on it, Mistress was not completelly satisfied... Slave will remain in chastity in this case another few months!


Princess Mia - Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat with Princess Mia and toilet slave (FullHD 1080p/894 MB)

Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat


Smelly Milana - Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina (FullHD 1080p/1.28 GB)

Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina. Christina treated me with her sweet, morning shit and a large dose of vaginal discharge - she now has an ovulation cycle!


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